Repair your
iPhone XS

Prices include parts and labor

  • Reparation ecran cassé
    195 €
  • Reparation batterie
    69 €
  • Reparation bouton alimentation
    ON/OFF button
    65 €
  • Reparation boutons volume
    Volume buttons
    65 €
  • Reparation connecteur de charge
    Charging connector
    85 €
  • Reparation haut parleur
    75 €
  • Reparation micro
    79 €
  • Reparation vibreur
    59 €
  • Reparation camera arrière
    Back camera
    125 €
  • Reparation camera frontale
    Front camera
    95 €
  • Reparation coque arrière
    Back cover
    119 €
  • Reparation coque arrière
    Back cover + frame
    215 €
  • Reparation oxydation
    Liquid damage
    69 €
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How does it work?

There are two ways to repair your device:

Bring it to our store

Galerie Ravenstein 26 1000 Brussels
(near the Central Station)

Mo-Thu: 10h- 18h
Fr : 10h - 13h | 15h-18h
Sa : 12h - 18h

Mail it in

Mobiking repairs devices all over Belgium. If you are unable to travel or live far away, send your device in for an express repair.

At mobiking, we offer you the possibility of having a professional and reliable service for iPhone XS repair, our technicians are experienced and competent to deal with the problems that your iPhone XS may have, whatever the problem is, we can repair it well, here are some of our interventions:

  • Cracked or broken screen replacement.
  • Faulty battery replacement.
  • Charge problems repair, charging connector repair.
  • Front and rear camera repair.
  • Repair of the rear face.
  • Power button and volume button repair.
  • Problems related to contact with liquids repair. (Deoxidation).
  • iPhone XS that no longer turns on Repair.
  • Problems related to the motherboard repair (Micro Soldering).
  • Data recovery … and much more.

Note here that this iPhone model may have a touch problem, the disease of the iPhone XS, also called <<Touch Disease>>, the screen efficiency decreases and begins to block or display a gray strip at the top, in this case it is a problem on the motherboard that must be solved and not the screen replacement, we will be able to help you to repair this fault.

All our repairs are accompanied by a one year warranty and carried out on site with or without an appointment as quickly as possible depending on the case.

Our promises

What our customers say about us

  • These guys are rockstars. They would not accept 'no solution' as an answer to a technical problem that most mobile phone 'repair' guys capitulate to. They went to great lengths to fix my issue. I
  • Many thanks to Tarik! Very trustworthy and efficient. He makes sure that the customer is well informed. I would def go back if (hopefully not) I break my phone again.
  • Fair price with no surprise and a very good repair. Everything is working as it should, the service was flexible and the staff very kind! I recommend!
  • They really do an effort for providing a good quality service. They first ran diagnostics, identified the problem and then proposed a solution and price
  • Mobiking were amazing to deal with. My phone had stopped working for a week and other shops had been unable to help and the phone operator tech team were planning to keep it for a

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