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Your Huawei smartphone no longer works? The screen of your Huawei P20 is broken ? The battery of your Huawei Mate 10 no longer last? Have it repaired at Mobiking, we repair the entire range of Huawei smartphones : the P10, P20, P30, P40, Mate 9, Mate 10, Mate 11 and Huawei Y series smartphones.

Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are able to diagnose and repair a variety of issues, whether your Huawei needs a screen repair, battery replacement, charging connector repair, liquid damage repair, home button repair, power button and volume button, camera repair, back cover repair, general diagnosis or repair requiring a high level of knowledge in micro-welding, trust Mobiking to repair your Huawei, all at a competitive price.

Did you know that choosing to repair your Huawei instead of replacing it with another, you significantly reduce the environmental impact and you save money.

An overview of our repair services for Huawei smartphones:

Screen repair:

  • Cracked or broken screen.
  • Screen displays colored lines.
  • Screen flashes.
  • Phone works but its screen remains black.

Replacing a defective battery:

  • The battery is no longer charging.
  • The battery drains very quickly.
  • The battery charges very slowly.
  • The battery is swollen.

Back cover repair:

  • The back side cracked or broken.
  • The rear window cracked or broken.
  • The back cover is peeled off, cracked or broken.

Connector or charging port replacement:

  • Difficult or impossible to insert the cable into the port.
  • The charge inlet or charge port is dirty.
  • The charging cable only charges in certain positions.
  • The charging cable no longer wants to enter.
  • Phone is no longer charging.
  • Phone no longer holds a charge.

 Home button, power button and volume button repairs:

  • Home button no longer reacts.
  • Phone does not recognize my fingerprint.
  • Power button does not work when I want to turn on my phone.
  • Ignition button is stuck.
  • Volume button does not work to increase or decrease the sound.

Rear and front camera repair:

  • The rear camera captures blurry photos.
  • The rear camera does not focus.
  • The front camera captures blurry or poor quality photos.

Proximity sensor repair:

  • Screen stays on during a call.
  • Screen does not turn off during a call.

Repairing sound issues:

  • Repair of the jack: do not hear anything when you plug the cable into the jack.
  • Hear nothing when the phone is in speakerphone mode.
  • Cannot hear callers voice except in speakerphone mode.
  • The sound of the phone is very low.

Liquid damage repair:

  • Phone does not turn on anymore.
  • Phone is not working properly.

Motherboard repair :

Repairing the motherboard often requires a preliminary diagnosis to determine the origin of the failure. At Mobiking, the diagnosis is completely free, you pay nothing until your device is repaired.

Data recovery :

Our experienced technicians have often worked on very complex cases but with great success we are able to offer you the best for your data recovery.

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What our customers say about us

  • Unfortunately, I waited by their shop door until 13:30 on a Saturday and no one showed up. Called 3 times their phone number listed on the website and the shop door and no one responded.
  • This company managed to save my computer as well as my smartphone. The service was fast and cheap unlike the competition. Thank you for the advice I will take care of my devices now. Kr,
  • The owner was super gentle from the beginning and solved the little issue with my iphone without trying to overcharge me but by providing the service for free instead. Highly reccomended!
  • Great service and repair! My laptop had a problem with the hinge of the screen and wasn't closing properly. It looked pretty messed up and I feared that I had to pay for a lengthy
  • These guys are rockstars. They would not accept 'no solution' as an answer to a technical problem that most mobile phone 'repair' guys capitulate to. They went to great lengths to fix my issue. I
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