Express repair of your MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

MacBook Pro back open motherboard exposed

Looking for a reliable repair of your MacBook? Entrust your MacBook to our experienced technicians – whether your MacBook needs a screen replacement, general diagnostics, or a repair requiring a high level of micro-soldering know-how, we’re here to bring your precious MacBook back to life, all at a competitive price.

No fix = No fee : we immediately check-in your MacBook to provide you with a free and often instant quote. After your green light, we repair your MacBook following the highest repair standards.

Your MacBook repair in a few lines

  • Diagnosis and quotes are completely free: we only start the repair after the customer’s green light, otherwise the customer is free to recover the device at no cost
  • 12 month warranty on all our repairs.
  • Team of experienced and competent technicians: we intervene even on the most complicated problems involving electronic components on the motherboard.
  • We only use original parts or of equal quality.
  • Our relationship with our customers is based on honesty: we fix what needs to be fixed without trying to charge you for what you don’t owe.
  • You get a big price discount in case of multiple repairs.

An overview of our repair services for MacBook:

MacBook Screen Repair:

  • Cracked or broken MacBook screen. 
  • Ink spots on your MacBook screen. 
  • MacBook screen shows lines. 
  • MacBook screen displays nothing and stays black. 
  • Dead pixels on the MacBook screen.

Indicative price: from 150 € to 850 €

MacBook Battery Replacement:

  • You unplug your charger and your MacBook turns off right away !! 
  • The MacBook battery drains very quickly. 
  • The MacBook battery charges very slowly. 
  • MacBook battery is inflated.

Indicative price: from 120 € to 380 €

MacBook USB Port Repair:

  • MacBook USB port is not working. 
  • MacBook not charging when plugged into the charging port. 
  • the USB ports on the right or left side of MacBook no longer work.

MacBook hinge repair:

  • MacBook hinge is stuck or broken.
  • MacBook hinge no longer holds.
  • MacBook lid won’t open or close.

MacBook Keyboard Repair:

  • MacBook keyboard no longer works. 
  • One or more MacBook buttons are unresponsive. 
  • Water, coffee or other liquid damage. 

Indicative price: from 165 € to 380 €

MacBook Trackpad Repair:

  • MacBook Trackpad does not register any clicks. 
  • You have spilled water, coffee, or other liquids on the MacBook trackpad. 
  • MacBook Trackpad no longer responsif.

Indicative price: from 90 € to 170 €

MacBook overheating repair:

  • MacBook is getting too hot. 
  • MacBook overheats while in use.

MacBook Data Recovery: 

We can recover your MacBook from any type of media drive:

  • MacBook hard drive 
  • External hard drive. 
  • SSD  drive. 
  • “HDD” hard drive.

MacBook troubleshooting:

We can also fix your MacBook system (software) problems, reinstalling or formatting or cleaning the system, you can count on us.

Motherboard repair:

  • Your MacBook does not turn on?
  • Is your MacBook power dropping abnormally?
  • Does your MacBook screen turn off while in use?
  • Is your MacBook overheating abnormally?
  • Did your MacBook stopped working because of a liquid spill on the keyboard or trackpad?
  • Your MacBook keeps restarting?
  • Your MacBook’s charging port stopped working?


Motherboard repairs require more advanced techniques compared to other more common repairs, real know-how and sufficient knowledge of electronics are required to carry out repairs to microscopic components.

Several motherboard components  can be responsible for one or more problems preventing your MacBook from working properly, we offer a completely free diagnosis to assess the cost of the repair.

MacBook Water or Other Liquid Damage Repairs:

  • Water has seeped into my MacBook.
  • Spilling water, coffee, or any other liquid onto the MacBook keyboard.


A liquid incursion into a MacBook will corrode sensitive electronic components on the motherboard, it is strongly recommended to stop using it immediately and have it repaired by a specialist as soon as possible! do not wait for it to dry before taking it to the store otherwise the repair may become complicated and cost you even more.

Indicative price: from € 89 to € 250

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